adamPhotography • Art Direction

Bio: Based out of New York City until seven years ago, Adam has worked with extremely talented artists and vanguard creative individuals on projects ranging from international advertising campaigns to simple portraits. He has shot in locales around the world including London, Italy (extensively), Spain, Mexico, Peru, and Hawaii and more locally in LA, Seattle, Boston, Maine, and Palm Springs, to name a few. He says that he was born with an innate curiosity for all things visual, not simply capturing moments on film but creating moments to be captured. In his early years, Adam honed his skills in Miami during a 6-month photography boot camp before moving to NYC; he continued a seasonal migration back to Miami for 4 more years of 'southern exposure'. He is now based out of Texas (yee-hah!) and has many canvases yet to create.

Favorite Gadget: Canon Powershot G95 – for its versatility and range

Favorite Quote: "You are either living on the edge or you are taking up space." – anonymous friend